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Default Re: OFFICIAL: Rate & Review Iron Man 2

Originally Posted by S.A.A.D View Post
I got a few more,one of them is if Hammer is basically played for the lolz?
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For the most part, yes. But he's also pitiful in a way. You almost want to feel sorry for him because he's in Stark's shadow and he's like the nerd that gets picked on by the smarter kids. He's got a bit of a Napoleon complex as well.

Is Stark being drunk as Ironman any good,like in a funny or serious type of way?

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I think it was good because it was him being drunk and pathetic. It was funny and sort of sad and pathetic and disappointing at the same time.

During the racetrack fight,doe's Ironman in the brief case suit get completely owned by Whiplash?
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It's a good fight. Tony uses some good strategy. Whiplash tears into him but Tony ultimately wins the fight. It's cool. It sort of reminded me of the burning building fight in Spider-man with Goblin and Spidey except without Spidey running away.

What are the easter eggs that are in the movie that we aren't aware about?
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-SHIELD Agent Coulson is in the movie and talks about being re-assigned to Mexico, which Stark calls the land of mystery and enchantment.

-a scene with Fury and Stark where Stark is evaluated for a certain initiative. I don't want to give away the conclusion of the scene.

-There's home video footage of Howard Stark that Tony watches. Young like 4 year old Tony is in some of the footage. Howard sends him away and asks for his mother and yells out, "MARIA," since the name of Tony's mother is Maria in the comics.

-The Cap shield is still in Stark's workshop. I won't say what happens there.

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