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Default Re: X-Men First Class caption thread

Eric: "Is this really necessary Charles?"

Charles: "Oh shut up Eric, you might have some fun."

Stripper: "Its 50$ per song boys, what would you like?"

Charles: "50$ !! I don't think we'll pay anything."

Stripper: ......"I don't think you'll pay anything.".......

Eric: "Damn it Charles its going to be one of those nights I can already tell."

The next morning......................

Eric: "Its a fine situation you've gotten us into once again Charles"

Charles: "Oh shut it Eric. 5 shots of bourbon and you weren't complaining"

Eric: "Where the hell did those monkeys come from? And why the hell was there lipstick and duct tape on them.

Charles: "Those weren't the strippers???........**** I was drunk"


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