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this is an OUTRAGE!
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Default Re: The Dark Knight Rises Caption Thread - Part 4

As I said earlier sir, your policy doesnt cover intentional explosions.

Yea but Im looking at the policy number right here. I spent an extra fifty large a MONTH to have my house covered under the supervillainy plan.

Yes, but sir that was last year. You've let your supervillainy clause expire back in May.

It didnt lapse! I'm looking right at my policy paperwork and the house explosion due to supervillainy doesnt expire until NOVEMBER!!!

Yes but look at the date, sir. November of 2011, this is 2012.

*Stares at policy for a few minutes*

F**K! S**T! PAVEL!!!

Oh right, Pavel... you are covered on a doctor Phineas Pavel's house explosion plan... let me just pull that u- OH. The computer says that Dr. Pavel has passed recently, and unfortunately his policy would no longer be available for you. Well, best of luck and thanks for calling state farm, have a great day!


*Rips up policy and throws it into the air*
DAMMIT!!! What am I gonna do about my HOOOOOUUUUSSSEEE?!?!?!?




*Bane sitting alone in a s**tty motel 6 bed*

LOL, his first name was Phineas. What a douche.

Root For The BAD GUY baby!
Hugh Jackman is the good guy in the prestige.
Óglaigh na hÉireann

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