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Default Re: Superman effects

Originally Posted by dabilee01 View Post
eh, i like arguing the scientific merits because i find it amusing and engaging (so long as it doesn't get too out of hand). i could say it sucks to be you because you can blindly accept anything thrown at you, but i won't. on the one hand, i'm in the same boat; i'm just happy there's gonna be another Superman movie coming out soon.
But you did. lol Couldn't help yourself. I threw it out there generalizing and not specifically pointing fingers but you took it and even threw back assumptions. Using the all or nothing approach by saying, "blindly accepting anything... ". I don't mind though. Well, I do see we have one thing in common and that we are happy with another Superman movie coming in the near future. And from the looks of it and what I know so far that's been shown, a far superior version. So I'm going to enjoy it as much as possible. And I'll be doing my best to watch it as I would if I were a ignorant child. To blindly accept anything thrown at me about a movie directed by Snyder, Produced by Nolan, and staring Cavill as an alien that comes to Earth, is raised by a kind and caring farm couple, and possesses the powers of flight, speed faster than a bullet, xray vision, super human strength, can shoot lasers from his eyes, is invulnerable, and self sacrifice for the protection of his loved ones, Earth and its inhabitants against the forces of evil. So sure I'm going to except the stuff like the size of his vapor trail and the like. It'll help me enjoy it just that much more when I see it at midnight and even more when I see it again hours later.

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