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Default Re: The Official Ant-Man News and Speculation Thread

Originally Posted by GriffinSTatum View Post
Yeah it would really be difficult for most movies, especially one like Ant-Man to go up against Bond. I mean I for one would instantly go see Ant-Man over any Bond movie, however Ant-Man isn't "popular enough" to go up against it.

I completely agree, although I hope the move wouldn't be too far if they had to push it back, I mean we have already been waiting since 2006 ever since they announced that they would be doing an Ant-Man movie. If anything I would like them to move the date closer, however I don't want them screwing over their post-production, so it is a tough call...

By the way, I have heard multiple websites say that Ant-Man is going to be a part of Phase 3, while I have heard other sites say that it is the last movie in Phase 2, after the Avengers 2. Now I haven't heard any word from Kevin Feige or anyone else from Marvel regarding it being in Phase 2 or 3, so I was wondering if any of you guys new 100% whether it would be in 2 or 3. Thanks.
Feige said it's officially Phase 3.


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