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Originally Posted by Mr. Dent View Post
As I've been repeatedly saying: It has been known for YEARS that Wright said Scott Lang is protagonist in his Ant-Man story and Hank Pym is old. People are acting like this never happened. I've been saying since yesterday people are taking for granted the idea of Pym being an important figure in the MCU one day.

Yes, you keep saying that.
But what does it matter if Hank Pym is an old guy? Hell, I've been saying for years I'd be just fine with Hank and Janet actually being an *old* couple of superheroes (real "Golden Agers"), but they could still be just as much a part of the team as Gandalf is the Fellowship, or Xavier the X-Men, or Magneto the Brotherhood.

Pym needs to make Ultron. Period. Joss just crapped all over Avengers continuity, and all over Edgar Wright's film. Hank Pym is now completely redundant, as is Ant-Man and the titular movie.


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