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Originally Posted by babykhris View Post
This is why I didn't want Ant-Man in the 1st Avengers. Without ULTRON no one seems to care about the character.Let's not forget he has a movie coming after the Avengers film what was that going to be about? Him creating Ultron?? BORING!!!

From the reactions I've seen today NO ONE actually cares about Ant-Man. They just want him because of stuff he did in the comics (was an original member or created Ultron). No one can tell me any exciting rogues he has? There's no way he was facing Ultron is his solo film, so people wanted him in Avengers 2 so they would bother seeing his solo film.

Here's the situation:
Hank Pym is *not* a solo superhero. Yes, he and Janet had an occasional cameo thing going in a Marvel anthology comic in the early 60s along with a bunch of other superheroes, sci-fi heroes, Western heroes, horror heroes, detective heroes and other pulps (some of whom went onto greater fame; most of whom didn't). But they weren't major heroes. So Stan Lee elected to give Giant-Man (yes, Giant-Man; this Ant-Man stuff only represents a handful of issues) and Wasp some exposure in the new Avengers comic in 1962, and the rest is history.

What Hank Pym is famous for is this: being an Avenger. Period. He's not a solo hero, so a solo film was always a bad idea. But he *is* famous for.....say it with me....being an Avenger. He was, is, and always shall be CORE Avenger. Doing the Avengers without Hank Pym is like doing the A-Team without B.A. Baracus, or Justice League without Batman.

So people, including The Goddamn Joss-Man himself, marginalize him, say he's not important, say he's not needed.

Joss just lost his geek cred card entirely. Any Avenger fan knows the score. And Joss doesn't know the score.


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