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Default Re: The mighty 50 days coutdown to Thor: The Dark World

Originally Posted by Lady Marion View Post
Yeah, this run seems to be very popular.
And for very good reason. The God Butcher/God Bomb arc was nothing short of amazing.

Originally Posted by Lady Marion View Post
I'm only hanging around the red carpet and hope for an autograph. That I'll 'meet' them will be a bit exaggerated. It's more that they will stand in in front of me for a second. That would be cool anyways.
Well, they are movie stars and all that but they can't have everything. They'll have to settle for just getting to stand in front of you for a second.

Originally Posted by BigThor View Post
So has Malekith and Thor come to blows yet in Jason Aaron's run?
Almost, but not yet (only two issues in the arc yet though). Malekith has been very clever this far.

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