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Default Re: The Winter Soldier Thread

Originally Posted by sueb1863 View Post
I imagine Tony knows that the Winter Soldier killed his parents, so if he and Bucky ever met I think Tony would probably want him dead, and poor Steve would have to try to keep that from happening. It would probably take a lot of persuading from Steve to convince Tony that Bucky wasn't really responsible, and even after that I'm not sure Tony could stand to be around him.
Originally Posted by Silvermoon View Post
Personally, I'm not so certain that WS was behind Howard & Maria's assassination. It was reported as a car accident and WS doesn't strike me as the type that they'd thaw out for a kill that was going to be staged and trumped up to an accident. He seems more straight forward than that and (to me) it seems like they'd mainly use him for kills that they want to be known as assassinations.

That's just my take on it (I acknowledge the MCU may prove me wrong)
It's the uncertainty which I think would make Tony and Bucky crossing paths so interesting, Tony would be sure and hot headed as always, Bucky wouldn't know because of all the memory wipes and Steve would be in the middle asking Tony to look deeper to be sure.

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