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Originally Posted by TheVileOne View Post
I like the idea of having a mechanism that armors him up in his car like the 1990's TV series or Mr. Incredible with his suit in The Incredibles. Hope we see something like that.
hi mate i'm working on a sequence just like this at present in 3d

hopefully when this site allows me i'll post it up in the iron man forum


hopefully this link below will work!

my idea was originall to copy the mk5 sequence (suitcase) but then thought nah thats been done... then i had an idea for having him deploy suit in freefall as i have been skydiving for 5-6 years but then avengers came out and they batted that out the park... then i thought "ah it'd be cool to have him deploy suit in a car!!". I started that around january of this year and have been working on it since hehehe! I'm about 3 shots from completion so i wanted to share it with you all hope you like!

for anyone interested further there are animatic videos on my youtube channel and various renders so feel free to have a nosey!

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