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Default Re: Judge Dredd Reboot!! - Part 1

Originally Posted by spider-neil View Post
I was checked out of the movie the second his helmet came off. I would have the following a pass;

a) Officers take the helmet off when Dredd is arrested.

b) The helmet (and uniform) comes off before he is checked out into the cursed earth.

c) The helmet comes off in darkness but Dredd's features are rearranged by a machine, I guess to resemble Stallone.

If they'd done any of the above I could have lived with sans helmet Dredd, but the nonchalant why the helmet comes off was a middle finger to the fans.
I absolutely agree. I dunno, the whole framed/cursed earth story is problematic for this reason. I like that they tried to do the Rico story and introduced the Angel family but...ugh it just sucks so much.

If they do the cursed Earth in a hypothetical sequel to this Dredd, I hope they go with a version of the comics story where Dredd has to lead a caravan to deliver the cure to a plague that's ravaging another Mega City. Go all Road Warrior with it. Could be really cool.

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