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Default Re: Judge Dredd Reboot!! - Part 2

Originally Posted by metaphysician View Post
You know, I don't actually think Dredd did *change* in the remake. He's a hardass certainly, but he's a hardass who does things like:

1. Give a harmless beggar fair warning to stop lawbreaking rather than letting him go unwarned

2. Took down a couple kids nonlethally who were pointing guns at him, because they were clearly dumb kids over their heads

3. Told Anderson that "99% certain isn't good enough to execute a man."

Dredd at the end of the movie didn't soften his views on the law. Rather, he softened his views on *Anderson*, who showed that she was both learning the lessons, and had judgement and conviction to match her idealism.
But in the process, he softened his black and white perspective. Anderson says herself that she failed the test early on because she lost her gun. Dredd mentioned that constitutes an immediate fail. Yet, in the end, he passes her. He learns that maybe not everything can or should be taken at face value, that there are, in fact, grey areas. Though subtle, that's a pretty big change for a character like Dredd IMO.

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