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Default Re: Judge Dredd Reboot!! - Part 2

Originally Posted by ChickenScratch View Post
Saw it yesterday in 3d. Didn't want to see it in 3d, just wanted to see the movie. But when I went to the theater they said the listing online was wrong and they only had 3d. I hate 3d movies.

The movie itself was good, not great. After the novelty of the first few kills wears off I didn't find it very interesting. It's a decent action movie, it'll make for a good sequel, but I wonder if the "slo-mo" gimmick is gonna be used again? Just like the first few kills, that wore off after the first few times too.
Geeze,, "novelty" "gimmick"...critical much??

The gimmick, was showing the effect of the drug they took.. It was for the purpose of showing that viewpoint.. I thought that was pretty amazing.

The novelty, if he had to kill in order to survive how does that qualify as a novelty.

If you didnt like the movie or the "gimmick" and/or "novelty" served 0 purpose for the movie I could understand.

Im glad you enjoyed the movie but what your saying sounds like "I love to go to car races, I just hate when they go fast, i hope they have more car races".

I dont understand....

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