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Default Re: Days of Future Past News and Discussion

James Mangold's new Interview about the Wolverine has some clues regrading
Days of future Past

The wolverine takes place after Jean Grey Is gone and X-Men have largely disbanded or gone.The Last Stand Is still considered part of official film
Cannon with First Class,X-Men,and X2

This means James Marsden and Famke Janssen will not be In Days of future
Past.Returning characters In future sequenzes of DOFP will be those alive at
end of Last Stand.They will use the clause of Xavier's mind up In Twin Brother's body as reason to allow using Patrick Stewert If he as he has hinted Is In film.

With Last Stand remaining In cannon this leaves the door open for ellen Page to return as Kitty and poential being time traveler assuming they can get her to agree to return.Of course her contract she signed when she agreed to do the last Stand may still be valid.Shawn Ashmore has mentioned he Is still
under contract for another X film If they deicde to do more with original cast.

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