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Default Re: If The wolverine is a huge success...should we get a new trilogy?

i say they try to clean up the continuity mess made by orgins and they try do another weapon x movie and have it visually sync with the x1-x2 flashback footage.

the film could be called weapon x.

they should envite back tyler mane and have them fight omega red maybe?

and as for days of future past

My idea was this in DOFP have wolverine die in the future like in the comic.

have ellen page (shadow cat) be the time traveler. in the future show all the surviving x men 2 & 3 cast in the sentinel future as freedom fighters.

allan cumming as night crawler, kelsey grammer version of beast, storm, colossus, ice-man, magneto, rogue, morlocks, juggernaut all fighting against sentiels.

reveal that the cure introduced in x3 didn't have lasting affects.

when shadow cat goes back she meet the first class crew and once they realize that wolverine exists in the past -- they enlist him for help. this would be the "go f***k yourself" cameo wolverine we say in first class film

she convinces young xavier that they need wolverine to help them out.

this of course is the same bone claws wolverine from the WWII cameo in the solo film. this would be a good way to connect that film to DOFP.

in the past scenes we can be introduced to wiliiam and jason stryker too being brought to the school.

during the final battle wolverine gets his bone claws damaged, crushed or ripped out. and he comes into contact with stryker and decides to join his black ops team.

maybe on this team we can be reintroduced to tyler mane version of sabertooth and an actual native american playing silver fox.

and the film ends with everyone going their separate ways - ellen page returns to the future - wolverine goes along with strykers black ops team.

and xavier continues running his school.

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