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Default Re: TASM Easter eggs, foreshadowing, and other references!

[QUOTE=k1dn1nj4;24610911]Definitely. The worldbuilding in TAS was awesome. It had really subtle details in the props and sets that made it feel like a tangible, contemporary New York, with Spidey elements, but believable. It's a great example of show and don't tell. I definitely felt like I knew Peter better in this iteration just by the small things (he likes the movie Rear Window which was the classic Hitchcock flick with the main character as a photographer, he had the physicist Richard Feynman as his wallpaper on his desktop, he was reading the Origin of Species on his desk). You knew about his interests and aptitude WITHOUT beating us over the head with durrrr Peter's a nerd because he talks sciencey and wears glasses. It's smart character building.


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