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Default Re: The Amazing Spider-Man 2 General Discussion - Part 8

Originally Posted by Joe_Kickass View Post
Oh yeah, because we all know how high quality TASM1's suit was in it's set pics. And btw your "flaws" about the design or merely opinionated. The eyes have recieved VERY positive reactions, and are a lot more emotive than any of the other Spidey costume's eyes. It give it a bit of a stylized look, which is good, that's a sign of artistic integrity and something that makes it unique. And please, the only cue it takes from Raimi's suit is the raised webbing, NOTHING else. The material of the suit is clearly different from Raimi's, it's
similar to TASM's in that it's
metallic and leathery looking, less soft looking than Raimi's. It doesn't have the muscle suit, the Raimi eyes, or the Raimi spider.

You get done telling me how my "flaws" about the design or merely opinionated (sp?), and then you go on to list your own opinions about why the costume is so great as a counter argument. Nice. The eyes are more "emotive"? "Stylized"? Is that a fact? lol.

btw. the TASM2 costume also swipes the very unique brick pattern from the Raimi costume. That along with raised webbing are two HUGE swipes. It's like if you're copying off of someone else's test and you get caught, but use the excuse that you only copied two answers.

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