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Okay, so the radio host guy Matthew Aaron apparently upset Marvel when he said that Frank Grillo will be in other Cap movies and The Avengers sequel. After tweeting the following, he said on his radio show sadly that he was sorry to Marvel and his ("hopefully still") friend Frank Grillo.

I'm retracting any info I've given attaining to Marvel in the last two weeks. I'm not sure my source is that solid, anymore. I apologize.

I did not mean to mis-lead anyone. That was not my intention. I thought I had reliable inside information and to my credibility, I may not.

As a "journalist" (which I'm not), I still should have checked my sources better and confirmed things. However, Marvel is a tight-lipped...

Ship and would not confirmed anything if asked. So I apologize to @marvel and anyone else that was involved in my erroneous rumors. Sorry.

To CLARIFY. I have a source in Manhattan Beach and @marvel, however Frank Grillo never stated he was going to be in Avengers... my faulty

source did. I take complete blame for not covering my ass regarding my said source, he/she knows I'm taking a hit for this and I apologize.

I'd craft a better statement, but I'm not that good of a 140 character writer. Sorry to @Marvel and my friends at Marvel under a microscope.

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