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Originally Posted by blueserenity View Post
See I don't think they need to hint at anything with Mystique/Azazel. There is way too much to cover and FIX without dealing with who Nightcrawler's parents are. If they're meant to be his parents, then they've got to address why Mystique had exactly one "meh" interaction with him in X2. And "she's a heartless woman" doesn't cut it because it outright isn't true. The ONLY thing I would accept was that her memory of him was wiped out completely (and Erik's would have to have been as well, and probably Charles'). Which is such lazy, lazy, LAAAAAAAAZY storytelling. They've got such a clusterfrig of continuity issues to fix in DOFP since they unfortunately decided XMFC was a prequel rather than a reboot. I don't see how adding a needless one is going to help them. We've got only got 4 hours to fix everything and keep it fresh and interesting. If they're going to drop things from the comics in order to accommodate the quality of the films, the Nightcrawler's-parents thing is a perfect candidate. It would take up so much more explanation than what is worth. Having two characters onscreen at the same time who hooked up once in the comics doesn't necessarily mean they're in the movies together because Nightcrawler. They both do serve other purposes as individual characters.
Why would Mystique since she abanded Nightcrawler mention to him she's his mother In X2.In comics It took years for that revelation to come.

And there was plenty to say First Class was prequel and not reboot.People who wanted reboot take certin quotes from Matthew Vaughn but Ignore other things.Never once on DVD/Bluray special features Is reboot mentioned.Clips from trilogy are seen.The entire marketing was based on telling back story of Xavier and Magneto.Vaughn Is like J.J. Abrams.He can say things at different times depending on who he Is talking to.

If first Class was reboot It would have been different film with more recquonable characters.You wouldn't

Recreate opening scene from X-men
Keep Mystique makeup consent to trilogy
Have magnto's powers sound effects be same as earlier films
Keep sound of Mystique morphing be consented with other films
Make Magnto's tatoo number look like fresher version from X-Men/Last Stand
Have cerebro helmet look like protype of X-Men/X2 cerebro
Xavier and Magnto working together when first X-Men come together Is taken from Trilogy not comics
Have Hugh Jackman cameo as Wolverine
Have Jennifer Lawrence brifly morphy Into Rebecca Romijn
Have Jet that appears as ealry version of jet from trilogy
the Magneto and Mystique relationship which calls back the trilogy not the comics
have sequence of Xavier using cerebro very copy of first X-Men
Have CIA agent as father of William Stryker.WHich further helps build up stryker as main antihuman In films which wasn't how It was In Comics
Put James Mcavoy In suit and wheelcahir at end which copy of suit and wheelchair Patrick stewert used In tirlogy
Put mIchael fassbender In outfit at end which Is similar to Ian Mckellan's outfit but adds a more comic book helmet.

A reboot avoids compassions or copy of films they are now saying never happened.That Is what a reboot means.Of course someone should tell the producers of James Bond films that.

If first Class was reboot there wouldn't be any more wolverine films.They would put wolverine In first Class or sequel.

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