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Default Re: **fan-art thread: Man of steel 2**

Originally Posted by TheFlamingCoco View Post
Perfect job. Looks flexible, but tough. Cloth-based, but not cheap looking. The colors are also faithful to the comics.

I just couldn't resist lengthening the ears and adding facial hair
Thanks buddy

I gave the long ears a good matter of thoughts. But its just not working in real life. I have a pretty good experience with bat cowls actually and the problem with long ears is that if you make the mask out of urethane rubber (and honestly maybe I'm not thinking enough out of the box but there's really no other way to make one that would be both safe for the actor and good looking on screen), you can either fill them during the casting process (and the cowl would then be almost impossible to wear properly with the added weight, needless to say that you would move in it like a zombie) or leave them hollow (and then whenever the actor moves the ears will wobble like crazy).

As much as I like the bat silhouette with the long ears, I think that's something we won't see on screen (unless they go for CGI ears, or some very complexe engineering in the cowl).

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