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Originally Posted by ShadowBoxing View Post
Actually, that's incorrect.
I'm not sure how you can tell me my opinion is incorrect.An opinion is a personel view.
Originally Posted by ShadowBoxing View Post
Most analysts, if there are such people, point directly to Pretenders as being the beginning of the end of Transformers. Series 3 and 4 did very well as far as toy sales go, in fact series 3 was the best selling of the line in part due to a significant drop in price (as the toys had less diecast parts). The Gestalt teams were also huge sellers. Anyone looking to buy TFs now will find the first and second series fairly easy to come by, it's the third series that is so sought after and expensive.
"Easy to come by" is a over statement.In the long run there are quite a few series 1 and 2 figures that are close to impossible to get 100% complete.

If I'm right series 3 had the largest number of "NEW" figures released up to that point and it was the first run to feature city formers and Autobot Gestalts and triple changers, toped with better prices because of less dicast in them it's no real shock that it out sold the 2 series before it.

As for the Pretenders line [or the 88 line] being pointed to as the down fall of the franchise.....thats just an other opinion which is no less valid then mine.

But I find it a cop out to blame the 88 line up as the fault because the toon never made it to feature any of those figures.And the toon was a big lure to the toyline.The most popular TF toys of the time were the figures that got featured in the toon.

As a matter of fact the toon was canceled in most markets right after "The return of Optimus Prime".If it wasnt for Hasbro pushing for one more try we would never have seen "The rebirth".

Most dont know this but "The rebirth" was not intended to be the start of season 4 but was a polit for a new show that was to take place mostly on Nebulose and trew out space.

The way I see it the 88 toyline cant really be blamed for the down fall of the franchise when it had already lost its core fan's and it's advertiseing platform back in 86 and 87.

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