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Default Re: West Coast, Young, New, Dark, Secret, Defenders, Invaders, Thunderbolts

It potentially could be cool to do a Thunderbolts team down the line, obviously on a somewhat smaller scale/budget...

You could either do them as originally intended and start introducing a few more villains over the next couple phases so that audiences are aware of them and then bring them back as a reformed team or go the whole "you want you're freedom you gotta do this one little job for us" route... It's fair to say it probably wouldn't be as huge as Avengers was but It would be equally as unique and fairly marketable to pull a team of previously introduced villains together as it was to pull a team of heroes together that were introduced in solo films..

Or do it similar to the new team as more of a black ops/rogue, "doing dirty secret jobs they don't want the public to know about" team.. I mean they've got Punisher and Elektra back I assume they got Elektra back with DD), they could do it with Blade and Ghost Rider perhaps, introduce Red Hulk somewhere down the line and add a couple others in place of Venom etc.. I know they've supposedly got a Blade film in the works but he could potentially debut in his own MCU film then be added to a team film and it would perhaps make use of someone like Ghost Rider (who is out there in the public conscience now) who they probably don't have plans for right now..

I said somewhere else that in some ways it's a shame they used the Iron Patriot for War Machine cos it would be cool to do Dark Avengers. I mean, they could still utilize the armour if they were to do it... But obviously have someone else in the Norman Osborn role and steer it towards a big Avengers vs. Dark Avengers thing.

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