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Default Re: Avatar: The Legend Of Korra - Part 2

Originally Posted by The Squirrel View Post
I don't have any links, but they've stated that each season of LoK would be a self contained story. But it's always possible that they changed their minds. If each season break is going to be this long though, I'd prefer each one to be a stand alone story myself.
Interesting...thanks for the tidbit! (I've only recently tried to catch up on all things LoK so I've been out of the loop.)

Personally, I kind of hope Seasons 3 and 4 draw out a longer story arc. I can understand and imagine with Book 2 being called Spirits that Korra has a specific lesson to learn and challenge to overcome, but I guess I want to feel that sense of scale and scope again, a story that would span and affect every corner of the Avatar world. Maybe that's too much to ask for, since it's something that's already been delivered in full, in A:TLA.

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