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Default Re: The Black Bolt Thread

Originally Posted by SlamAdams View Post
Need someone very emotive. Someone who can act without speaking. Benicio del Toro was my favorite for a long time because he did the whole less-is-more approach in a movie called Way of the Gun. There's a lot of people really good at it right now. Ryan Gosling. Michael Fassbender. Joaquin Pheonix. And Michael Shannon is really good at it. I think I'd like to see Michael Shannon in the role.
Couldn't agree more.

I loved what Vin was able to do with Groot, it was a revelation to me. He helped create a character who captured the public's imagination as much as Rocket. But I'm not really a fan of Vin as Black Bolt. I'm thinking of the eyes, someone with great expressive pools. Micheal Shannon, Jake Gyllenhal, etc. You guys are definitely on the write track with these type suggestions. I'm also thinking of the great Shakespearean actors of the day who could emote with their bodies, with the slightest shift in posture etc. The bottom line is even though it may appear on the surface that the role doesn't require a great actor, I think it's essential.

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