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Default Re: The Black Bolt Thread

Diesel has been the fan favorite for awhile. I personally love the idea even though I have no idea if he can pull it off and have no reason to think he could. I think it's just the idea of the unorthodox with him. Of course, while Groot seemed unorthodox, he had prior experience with the Iron Giant that helped. In theory, you need an actor who can pull of subtle emotions just through facial expressions, which is tough to do.

That being said, Black Bolt has always been cryptic in his emotions. I think it would be inaccurate to suggest he betrayed his thoughts through his facial expressions. He really needs to be imposing and badass, which Vin Diesel can certainly do. Plus, I think he physically could pull it off.

So if they have someone better, by all means. But I'd still be excited to see him in this role.

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