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Default Re: Henry Cavill IS Superman: - - - Part 12

Originally Posted by terry78 View Post
Haha, so now all of a suddent Brando sucks. Happens everytime something is remade or rebooted.
Nobody said that Brando sucks. I've never fawned over his performance in Superman: The Movie and I never really liked Superman: The Movie in general.

My opinion has absolutely nothing to do with the reboot. I've been saying those two opinions for years. Read my old posts in the Superman Returns threads and you'll see that I never adored the old Superman movies like others did.

And I'm sorry but if you think that Brando's lazy work in Superman was as good as his classic performance in A Street Car Named Desire, I do not know how to process that opinion.

I respond to this post because I'm sick of being insulted as a bandwagon jumper when I've never loved the Donner films and I never loved Brando in them. He got the job done and that is it. He couldn't even ****ing say Krypton correctly and I'm not allowed to say that I don't think he deserved an Oscar for that role because I might be called a dumb fanboy who likes the shiny new thing the best. Give me a break, my opinions aren't formed by popular demand.

And no I'm not mad at ya, I'm just defending myself against what I see as a slight.

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