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Default Re: General Episode VIII News/Speculation/SPOILER Thread - Part 3

Rumor time.

Three Legacy planets that are runored to appear in the Sequel Trilogy, the True History of the Jedi, and Luke's Disheartening Discoveries about the corruption of the Ancient Jedi's beliefs and philosophy and the True Ancient History of the Jedi Order:

Read about these latest rumors at the link:

Spoiler!!! Click to Read!:
Hmmm, I had already guessed that we would see Mustafar again in Episode 8 or 9 so I hope thats true.

I didnt even really consider that Luke's Jedi Academy may have been on Tatooine. But I like the idea that he may have gone back to where he began or that there may have been an ancient Jedi Temple hidden on Tatooine similar to the one on Lothal.

As for the true history of the Jedi and the corruption of their original beliefs, that I dont doubt at all. It mskes a lot of sense given what we saw in the PT, Luke's search for the First Jedi Temple, and Kylo turning his back on the Jedi. Luke discovering that what he knew about the Jedi and what he believed was a corruption and a lie would definitely cause him and Kylo some emotional turmoil and strife. And it would have weakened Ben's resolve and allowed Snoke to jump in and increase Ben's distrust of the Jedi and Luke.

Hell, maybe thats why Kylo wanted to wipe out Luke's Jedi Academy. Because he saw it as a corruption and nothing but a continuation of the lies of the Jedi.

Wild speculation time. What if Snoke is an ancient Jedi or a former ancient Jedi that wants to eradicate the corrupted modern Jedi beliefs and philosophies. That would be one hell of a twist. Plus, it would be some crazy irony, if Snoke is the one that knows the answers and truth that Luke is looking for.

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