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Default Re: Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman XXXIII

Originally Posted by Demon Hunter View Post
Yeah, that's what I usually fear as well. That's the reason why I stopped reading fanfics 8 years ago
Recently,however, I decided to read some.
Read those two, dunno if you're gonna like them or not, but you can give them a try. Would be interesting to hear your opinion about them.
This one is completed
This one is ongoing - 3 chapters so far
Hmmm... Thanks. I gave it a try and read both. I liked the first one. Even if the premise of the story is good, I always lose interest if the grammar is bad but that one was well written. I didn't care for the Superman cross-over part but I liked how Selina and Bruce's relationship was portrayed there as well as how they are characterized. I didn't like the 2nd one.

Originally Posted by Pfeiffer-Pfan View Post
This scene had me all giddy... so beautiful.

LOVE that shot so much. And that whole scene was just amazing. How it went from banter/flirting/teasing to something more heavy and emotional.

Originally Posted by herolee10 View Post
lol; I guess the bigger question is, did Bruce finally get "lucky" with Selina by the time Alfred saw him and her together at the cafe? =P
Hah of course. Probably started right then and there the first time he revealed to her that he's alive.

Originally Posted by Cassandra Cain View Post
Who would've thought last summer that these set pics were for Bruce's happy fate? I honestly thought he hadn't got into make-up or costume yet. His wardrobe is so relaxed (I especially like his shoes-- seems so un-Bruce Wayne!). I guess the real, Happy Bruce Wayne finally came out. Now I want a pic of Anne's full dress of this scene. Where is it?!

I'm going to give myself a self pat for predicting that scene to be part of the ending. Gotta give it to the production though. I'm amazed at how well they hid Anne. We got lots of pics of Bale and Caine but none of Anne. Haha those two probably loitered around to create a distraction so they can move Anne from one place to another.

But seriously... for all Selina's amazing fashion sense, why on earth did she allow Bruce to wear that shirt? Tsk, tsk.

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