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Default Re: Winner Takes it All....

Originally Posted by The Batman View Post
I'm just glad they highlighted Nolan and other actors, not just Ledger. Its easy to act like Ledger is the sole reason why this movie is great, but that's never really been the case.

That was probably their best video in their "Top 50" series.
I appreciate they 'collectively' only have limited time to give their reasons on the video's across each film, but a lot of them, inc. this final one, barely touch the film making aspects of the actual films, they are 'ooh this is cool because'... reasoning for their choice.

As a film maker, I would have liked to have seen beyond the 'character' to a certain extent on each of these and into the film making choices and breakdown of that given they are numerically choosing the best of CBM's not characters. Not saying this happens with EVERY choice or video, but I think it prevalent in many of how the video's are presented and the way the films are eulogized over.

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