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Default Re: Winner Takes it All....

Originally Posted by Mjölnir View Post
I personally think TDK has been surpassed even in the "serious" (for lack of a good one-word description) CBM category. I think Logan has fewer flaws, has better characters and is more emotional. Neither are among the best in terms of action, but Logan has much better hand to hand action and takes that part in the comparison as well. TDK has a much better villain though. The ones in Logan aren't that special.

I don't think either of them are the best at capturing the essence and feel superheroes though. But I like TDK and I love Logan.

As for the list I don't really care, nor would I if it would have somehow perfectly aligned with my list (that I'll never make, I'm not a fan of detailed rankings).
The thing is that "TDK is the best" has become a cliche at this point, so even if a better CBM emerged we might not be able to realize it, or be afraid of saying it / arguing it. It's also the case that other CBMs have not had as much time to be influential, and are now dealing with more competition.

I'd say that Ragnarok and Snowpiercer come closest (for me), but they have not done as well with the general audience. In both cases, I can't possibly say if I enjoy them as much on 6th or 7th rewatch.

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