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Default Re: The Deadliest Woman in the Galaxy: The Gamora Thread

Originally Posted by Chewy View Post
Ah yes, this reasoning again.

"Movies that didn't make a lot of money can never have any aspect of them spoken about in any positive light ever. Even costuming and supporting cast members. Sweep it all under the rug and pretend there are zero good ideas present. Kay? Kay."
My point was that , whether you like it or not, JC and all its "good ideas" will indeed be swept under the rug by Disney. Even the good stuff, fair or not, is tainted by association, and wont be used by other films in the genre anytime soon for fear of being compared to this mediocre bomb.

Its a free country of course, but expect a similar response every time you speak positively about a movie that many many people consider to be a dull, middling failure. Btw this includes people who are generally fans of scifi/fantasy/Howard/Stanton etc.

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