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Originally Posted by Pink Ranger View Post
If I was writing the script, this is how I'd do it:

- Hank, as a side project to his Pym particle work, is creating an AI similar to Jarvis to aid his research, except this new AI, "Ultron" will be superior to Jarvis in almost all ways
- In Avengers 2 or Iron Man 3, Jarvis is damaged or compromised. Tony, being the type of guy he is, pressures Hank to complete and enact the Ultron AI before Hank feels comfortable with it. Either that, or Tony actually strongarms the Ultron AI experiment out of Hank's hands.
- The Ultron AI proves effective, but gains its own evil intelligence. It constructs it's own physical body from a combination of Iron Man technology, SHIELD weapons and vibranium research, giving him powers derived from at least four heroes.
Thus requiring Thor to be the one to deliver the fatal blow.

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