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The way I see it is that Pym should be this super genius who isn't as big and powerful in the science world as Stark because he gets in his own way. But I think maybe he and Stark together built Jarvis. And together they worked on SHIELD tech. And Tony quite the weapons game but Pym didn't. He has been working with SHIELD this whole time. And all these many years since Jarvis Pym has been trying to perfect AI in his spare time. He creates his Pym Particles, his helmet that talks to ants, and Wasp's powers, all the while still working on the AI project. He ends up joining the Avengers and is still working on it (they don't have to show him working on it all the time, just reveal he has) and then in an Avengers movie he finally does it. Using his own brain patters, and in a fevered angry breakdown Pym finished Ultron.
But Ultron's tech is based on the Jarvis tech Pym and Stark built together. That way Pym is still Ultron's father, Ultron is still the son Pym failed, but we also get Stark's involvement. And maybe they can slip in something about the Cosmic Cube/Arc reactor connection. How Stark's arc reactor/Repulsar Rays are based off of the cosmic cube Stark's father found in Cap 1, and which came from Thor 1. Show a subtle connection.
Still, the tech was invented by Stark and Pym, but Pym perfected it, and used his own brain patterns as a blueprint for Ultron's mind. Which gives Ultron a stronger connection to Pym. And makes Ultron Pym's fault.

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