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They have already planted the seeds of Shield working on top secret dangerous tech in the Avengers and the selvig had that line that was cut about Pym going missing after getting picked up by Shield in Thor.

So Artistsean has some very workable ideas.

There are lots of ways Marvel could tie Hank Pym into the movieverse. He could have AI and Nanotechnology connections to Tony Stark or Starks employee and mutal friend Bill Foster who could be a college friend of Hanks.

The Budapest incident with Hawkeye and Black Widow could of involved a mission to secure scientists Hank and Maria Pym which could of resulted in Maria's death. Fury feeling guilty could offer Hank a job at Shield because of it.

The list of good ways they could introduce him is endless.

As for Ultron after seeing the Avengers takedown an Alien invasion I could imagine Fury wanting some sort or plan for if the Avengers ever become a threat to earth and turing to various people for solutions as to how to take them down like JLA: Tower Of Babel. Hank Pym could create a sowftware virus that attacks Iron Man's armor. The virus could become alive take over one of Tony's suits and become Ultron.

I think the easy way to show the difference between Hank and Tony should that Pym is protrayed as not craving the spotlight as much as Tony does because as we all know Tony has a big ego and doesn't like sharing his tech with others which is the opposite of Pym who doesn't mind sharing his tech and has occasional bouts of insecurity.

All aboard the Pork Chop Express!

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