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Default Re: The Joker's background?

Originally Posted by The Joker View Post
You are almost right regarding the umbrellas. Oswald's father died of pneumonia after being caught in a heavy shower of rain. His mother was paranoid the same might happen to Oswald so she forced him to carry umbrella around all the time.

He got the idea to use it as a weapon when he once defended himself from bullies by physically assaulting one of them with it.

Regarding the birds, yes the name Penguin came from his appearance. But he also fell in love with birds by helping run his family's bird shop. They became his "friends" in his lonely childhood.

You know, you could make a great thread about the psychological profiles of Batman's rogues gallery. Just an idea
I see. Its hard to keep track of so many different character backgrounds

That would be a fun idea

The trick to understanding characters is by thinking of every detail that you seen on them. What they do and what they think. To understand them fully, is by looking into their pasts. What happens in their pasts, determines their future.

Each underlining similarity that every villain shares, is to create and control their world. Every villain has deep psychosis and they must spread it onto Gotham. They aren't just villains, they are dictators. Especially the Joker. He wants to create his world, and control life within it. Batman has that trait too. Gotham is more like a painting to them. Its not just a city, its their creation, their details, their colours. Sane people just draw what they see, but Batman villains change it to how they see fit.

Batman's like that as well. He wants to shape Gotham into his world, but obviously his purposes are for good. This comes from his childhood. Every other villain act out manifestations of their psychosis. They each want to fit in their own world, by turning Gotham into their playground. But that's where Batman is different. Bruce is Batman so that one day, he won't have to be what he is anymore. He's looking to change the world to change himself. Whereas the villains want to change the world for the sake of playing God.

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