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Default Re: Drax The Man on the Sax: a Thread for the Destroyer

Originally Posted by deadmannuk12 View Post
If that was the case HHH would have been Thor. I'm not saying wrestlers cant act, bc som can, but Batista cant.

Wade is an actor, as well as Mustafa. Mustafa looks to nice and every time he will be on screen all you'll see is the old spice guy in green. I wonder if wad does well, I only know him from big bang
Thor doesn't kill people with knives.
And Thor is a lot more than just beefcake; he's got a lot of story, dialogue, emotion, and even intellect, even if he *is* a medieval equivalent of a surfer dude.
Drax is a quiet, efficient killing machine. The right look is what's essential here; you don't need an Oscar-winning actor for this role.


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