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Default Re: Avengers Assemble! Animated Show - Part 1

Originally Posted by SoNicRaDiATioN View Post
These jokes were actually funny though. As you said, they were in character and felt organic and unforced. It wasn't humor for the sake of humor. The Falcon line comes across like the obnoxious USM humor that undercuts the moment just so the writer(s) can show us how hip or funny they are. It feels disingenuous. A kind of meta-humor in kindergarten form.

Only a week until we find out for sure.
Once again that is your opinion. I've read many reactions who thought Wasp in Avengers was forced and obnoxious. All these are opinion.

I think Falcon's jokes are organic and not forced. He's a young rookie hero excited to be in the avengers.

Spider-Man asking to be a sidekick is arguably meta-humor in kindergarten form. A hero like Spider-Man asking Cap to be his sidekick.

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