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Default Re: Avengers Assemble! Animated Show - Part 1

This seems to be the more active Thread, so I'll just re-post my opinion here.

Originally Posted by Nathan View Post
Alright, watched it. I hate Ultimate Spider-Man. I hate the fact that Man of Action took over and treat the entire audience as if they had adhd. But this was ok. The whole Episode was kinda flash over substance, but it's by far not as terrible as Ultimate Spider-Man. Not even close. I can actually see myself catching a couple Episodes more, and hope that they'll be able to deliver some story heavy ones. If everything happens to be exactly just like the Pilot though, it will still be a good cartoon. Good, but not great.
I guess I don't judge it as harsh, because I expected something much, much worse. I'll keep watching, but if it doesn't eventually gain more substance, I probably quit the show before the season ends.

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