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Default Re: Vince Doesn't See Money in the Wrestling Thread

Okay a few things I want to cover

- I'd like to see Wade Barrett become a top guy because normally he can draw heat on himself because he's got at being a villain and he's fan put on quality matches when allowed like his matches with Kofi or Sheamus.

- After watching NXT, I actually like how they are playing Bo Dallas off as purposefully annoying because it has gotten the crowd to cheer for anyone going against them. The ovation Cesaro got during the most recent episode was quite surreal.

- I wonder if HHH has already removed scripted promos from NXT like he was said to be planning. Even Jim Ross said HHH was doing that. Anyway, it seems like the divas and male performers are growing into their characters alot easier than they have in a good while. HHH deserves an award for what he's done in NXT.

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