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Default Re: FOX Shared Universe

From what I've read I don't think they will have any sort of major crossover with F4 for awhile if at all. Maybe they can have cameos to build up that they exist in the same world but I think they will crossover multiple X-Men films (X-Men, X-Force etc) and lead into a AOA film before a F4/X-Men film is even in the works. The X-Men have enough characters on their own that have yet to been established, and we know they are doing multiple films from them.

AOA should be their priority not a X/F4 crossover imo. Personally I'd rather see X-Men with more X-Men characters, and the F4 proving they can have at least 2 movies on their own that don't suck. No reason for F4 to take screen time from an already overcrowded X-Men franchise.

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