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Default Re: Freeze breath for mos2:superman/batman

Originally Posted by InJustice View Post
There's no need to overthink this. MOS already showed that Kryptonians have an advanced physiology compared to humans (further enhanced by Solar Power). This interpretation of Kryptonians lends itself easily to lung capacity as a way of utilizing freeze breath. That is, Clark can take in large amounts of air that humans couldn't, and then expel colder air.

Jesus H. Christ guys...srsly, how is Freeze Breath any cheesier than fireballs from his eyeballs?

Na I don't see a problem with over thinking it a little. Especially if you can make pseudo sense out of it. I like the idea that Superman Circulatory system behaves similar to a Freezers Circulatory System. Superman's veins and Arteries act as condenser coils. They compresses his Blood Supply into a dense hot liquid and dissipates the heat away from his body at his skin. The lungs capillaries act as the evaporator coils. They allow the blood to decompress into a gaseous or less Condense state and absorb the heat from the lungs. So basically when ever Superman uses his Freeze breath his body temperature should go up because he's taking on the Heat from the air he sucks into his lungs. It would be awesome if Professor Hamilton could be there to explain it to him. It's to bad he's in the Phantom Zone.

How It Works: Freezer

His lungs should also function similar to Air compressor also for Super Breath along with his Freeze Breath.

How a Compressor Works

Even if they choose not to go these routes I'm cool with just including it without any explanation into how it work. It worked for Heat Vision.

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