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Default Re: X3 Fanedit Project

Originally Posted by henzINNIT View Post
Time was a poor choice of words. More like pace.

On the Angel pre-credit sequence, I agree totally. The scene establishes Angel with an importance he just doesn't have. I would be cutting it too. It's a nice little scene though, I've been thinking of ways to incorporate it later as a flashback, but Warren is so minor there's very little room to put it back in. I might put in some glimpses of it before he approaches the team for asylum.
I disagree on pacing too. But then again, I or we won't know until we start the editing and see how it looks.

As for using the Angel pre-credit as a flashback; I thought about that once for Jean's pre-credit, but I couldn't see it as anything else but an awkward cut, and that'll be the same for Angel's pre-credit.

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