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Default Re: The Double Standards Against Superman

Originally Posted by smallville fan View Post
Exactly. :
I just don't get how it has become such a thing with people. Pick up any random Superman comic of the last 20 years and you will see collateral damage caused by his fighting a bad guy. It's what makes cool looking action. Cartoons, comics AND films alike. "This, he never stopped to save anybody!" outcry is invalid as there was nobody SHOWN to be in direct danger! And people seem to forget Superman stopping Faora from destroying a jet with people in it, saving a soldier from falling out of a helicopter and saving the Col. guy from being murdered by Faora in the Smallville fight.

This backlash would be perfectly reasonable if people were present in the buildings they were trowing each other into (something that happens in the comics! GASP!) thus causing more damage. The only people in harms way during the last fight were the family Zod was going to kill and Superman totally saved them. Saved them real good too

It's like people have a haze over their eyes during this film and don't see what's in front of them and hold Man of Steel up to standards they have never holded the comics, the cartoons and the animated films up to.

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