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Default Re: Marvel’s Runaways General Discussion

Last time I went to Hulu (a long time ago, in internet years), it was free to watch stuff. I just went back and it looks like they want me to sign up for a pay plan (with a free trial). Is that the only way to watch it?

I recognize that this is the future...but I have no interest in signing up for a bunch of streaming channels in addition to my Netflix. It all seems exactly like having a hundred cable channels...except you pay them all separately and have to go through a few more steps with your browser etc to change the "channel." And in that case...just bundle them all into a cable package to make it easy for me.
Yeah, I remember when Hulu started it was mainly trailers, few random episodes of different shows advertised through hulu, and few free movies here and there with Hulu Plus offering more content if one willing pay for it. I think it's still like this but would have to cancel my 7.99 a month plan to find out.

Here's rundown of options/plans (all really need is basic hulu plus plan to watch runaways):
Free Month Hulu Plus: If haven't subscribed to Hulu ever (or fairly recently), you can just go to the website and start a free trial and you get the first month free. Asks for credit info but you can cancel anytime and not get charged ( just don't cancel right away after sign-up or will not be able to watch anything so just cancel before get billed if wish).

Hulu Plus: 5.99 for the 1st month (limited offer) and 7.99 a month thereafter (few dollars more if not want commercials which only play during TV episodes and not during movies anyway).

Showtime add-on: Works with laptop or other devices 14.99 per month; can select from library of content or if unsure what to select just livestream from the channel; added last year.

Non-Laptop Device plans (replaces cable or satellite) seems to be Hulu's attempt to push beyond a subscription VOD type service:
*More Costly plan would be Hulu TV that just got started this year where can livestream TV channels like can on a regular TV for 39.99 a month or 43.99 no commercials. This works on Android, iOS, Xbox One, Apple TV (4th gen), and Chromecast

HBO or Starz each cost 14.99 if wish to stream or select library of content from either channel can play directly on hulu (can't use on laptop though). Before believe Hulu just routed you to these stations websites where had put in cable subscription code but now don't need that.

Misc. Add-ons:
*14.99 enhanced cloud DVR (upgrade cloud DVR 200 hours and able FF thru commercials)

*14.99 Unlimited Screens

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