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Default Re: The Batsuit Thread

I dont know what the future batsuit will look like...though the suit in TDKR is perfectly fine with the exception of the overly complicated chest/bat symbol...still knowing that they will change the suit I hope they keep the one aspect that absolutely unequivocally worked...the cape, they nailed the look and functionality.

Regardless of how the batsuit looks I hope whoever is in charge of the film takes the time to truly show it off in the film...I want my damn batman patrolling and hunting. Batman Begins had the dramatic poses and even a small scene of batman navigating and hunting (well more like hanging off a wall then climbing)....

Also I hope whoever is in charge tries the white lenses look can be justified as the cowl always having lenses over the eyes that give off a "faint" glow when batman uses different vision modes. (dark knight focused too much on selling the functionality and not the "look")

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