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Default Re: Christopher Eccleston is playing Malekith

Originally Posted by Mjölnir View Post
The Joker was very nicely played but he wasn't a very deep character. Depth is always better when well executed imo.
Ledger's Joker is is very deep. Ledger didn't win an Oscar because he died, he won one because he was incredible and added layers to the agent of chaos. The performance is incredibly nuanced. How he tells his stories, how be plays with his knives, his choice of words, how he handles different people. He seems shaky, portraying himself almost as someone who doesn't quite know what he is doing in his first meeting with the mob. Then his entire demeanor takes on a much darker ton with the body bag scene. His entire time in the GPD is incredible. From the first sight of him in the jail cell to his explosive exit.

Ledger and Nolan made the Joker a reflection of their take on Batman. He is both a response and result of The Dark Knight. In his efforts to stop the mafia he created chaos, he created the freak.

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