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Default Re: What would have happened if Avengers failed?

Originally Posted by metaphysician View Post
Marvel Studios dies on the vine. WB continues to make nothing but Batman movies. Fox still doesn't make a FF reboot.
Let's not forget Man of Steel was still filming when this was going on. So Man of Steel would've still been released, and it would have gotten the same reception it did as well as the same earnings it got from the box office domestically and internationally, but nevertheless the DC Cinematic Universe might still get the go-ahead albeit at a MUCH slower pace? We probably would not have seen Batman vs Superman coming in 2015 yes?

Last year, when I didn't know any better, I actually assumed that Avengers would get a "Transformers 1" style reception, with a whole "cheesy alien invasion story with CGI overload every second made for juvenile entertainment". Boy was I wrong. Let's say that actually happened or heaven forbid, a Batman & Robin reception. Joss Whedon would be shunned like Michael Bay and Joel Schumacher among the geek community, Critics would point their fingers and laugh and dismiss the movie, and as someone said, actors might not stick around more. Christopher Nolan would be trollfacing everyone with TDKR and looking down on everyone and be like "Look at me with my Goddamn Batman trilogy!"

As for the future of Marvel movies, as someone said, 1 or 2 more Iron Man movies with cameos then reboot. As well as that, the only other Marvel movies which would still be going are Marc Webb's Amazing Spider-Man movies, and then there would be more X-Men movies as the dominant Marvel brand that some people would be tired of.

As for other movies, outside of Marvel & DC, I theorize that with the success of the Avengers showing how well Disney handles another franchise, it led to George Lucas handing over the rights to Star Wars to Lucasfilm. In other words, what I'm saying is(prove me wrong if you can, but this is my hunch on this), I think George Lucas watched the Avengers and saw the overnight fame it got and reminisced about the summer of 1977 with Star Wars. From this, I think Star Wars VII would never be greenlit. If anyone can debunk this postulation, go for it, this is what I think.

As for the future far ahead, 2015 would become just another year.

I think I covered all the bases yes?

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