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Default Re: The Man of Steel Merchandise Thread

Originally Posted by sup101 View Post
I think snyder wanted to put superman in armor, because he thought it was cool.A few months back he was talking about how nolan was telling him he couldn't do things just because he think it's cool.Nolan told him it had to have meaning, story.So if superman do wear armor it will be for a damn good reason.The robots can't be random, they have to be integrated into krypton society, so when zod bring them to earth it won't feel like something random, cool.We know why kryptonians wear armor, have weapons, ships ect.No powers on krypton.So when zod and co bring all that stuff to earth it won't feel unnecessary.
Hope so.

Originally Posted by Kevin Smith View Post
Let's just hope they don't all die Phantom Menace style once he defeats Zod/Zero.
You mean Phantom Menace and The Avengers style, right?

EDIT: *tsk* Herolee beat me to the punch.

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