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Default Re: The Official Lex Luthor Casting Thread - Part 6

Ill never understand the hate for billy zane as lex luthor. I know the guy does pretty bad movies these days, thats a given. However my point of view has always been that had he continued to make big movies like titanic and cool, smaller films like demon night and the phantom, ppl would be kissing his hairy beanbag. I feel thats incredibly unfair as every movie I've seen him in where he plays a villain he exudes such sinister but very charismatic charm. Take for instance, titanic. I know its cool to hate the movie now, but watching that movie even now, theres times when even though you know hes a bad guy, I often times felt myself feeling sorry for him. And I could see why. Because he was a very charismatic person. Now thats how I see lex luthor. Because although hes the villain, metropolis doesn't know that. He charms his way into their heart through their hearts with a cunning, deceptive public image of the man who is only trying to make metropolis the best it can be, as apposed to his true selfish lust for power. Billy zane has that character down pat and was born to play him in my opinion. I just simply don't see the hate.

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