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Default Re: Justice League: News and Speculation - - Part 11

I agree about the GL Corps. In fact, I think that all of the movies moving forward should use the "expanded universe" of these characters. Meaning, alongside the main title characters, their supports should be in as well.

Including the Bat family (further than just Robin/Nightwing) would be great for a rebooted Batman, should that happen, since it would differentiate from Nolan AND provide something of a superhero team which people still are interested in seeing. Plus, it offers opportunity for spin-offs if WB should so choose.

Same with Flash. I think his movies could benefit from including Wally as Kid Flash and have the hero/sidekick dynamic with something outside of Batman and Robin. Plus, it's kind of in Flash's character to be the more kid friendly hero - why not give him a kid sidekick? I just hope that they don't make Wally's humor so over the top that it's annoying. People will like the character anyway but it would hurt the movies for sure.

But about the GL Corps, I think that's a big part of what 2011 GL lacked. It showed that all of these characters exist and then ignored them to jump back to just Hal and a little bit of Sinestro. By keeping the rest of the major Green Lanterns like Kilogwag, Tomar, Chip, etc. they will capture the essence of the GL universe in that they're a space cop FORCE. Not the space cop buddy club that convenes every other Thursday. Other Lanterns having a constant presence would keep the sci-fi feeling which they could sell the same way Star Trek and Star Wars have been sold.

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